Course Petitions & Five College Accounts

Updated for Fall 2022 transition to Workday

Please see this page for complete information on Amherst Moodle access.

Amherst College Students

Amherst students who are not yet registered for a particular Amherst course can get access to that course's Moodle website and other course-related electronic resources by adding it to a Saved Schedule in Workday.

How to Request Temporary Moodle Access

Log into Workday

Five College Students

To get an Amherst account and access to an Amherst Moodle site, Five College students must be registered for the course. This process starts with your home campus registrar, so please start with them with any questions.

If you don't know whether you have an Amherst account, or have forgotten your Amherst username: Log into Five College Account Check/Account Request using your home institution login credentials.

If you know you have an Amherst account, but have forgotten your password, you can reset your password here (and enter your home campus email address).

More information for Five College Students taking Amherst courses is available here.

For questions or assistance please email

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